Clean Windows and Recovery

In Recovery? Clean Your Windows Through Better Nutrition

Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you must see the world. ~ George Bernard Shaw

When I read this quote the other day, it took me back to the theme of the 3-headed dragon of addiction that I introduced readers in a previous post.  There, we learned the three heads are a spiritual, emotional, and physical experience. If we think about our being the window through which we see the world, let’s think about how clean is my window and how does it aid in my recovery?

Self Care For Recovery…

The individual in recovery needs to look at the physical head of the dragon and  ask:  Do I eat well and get enough sleep? When was the last time I had a checkup or went to the dentist? Do I keep myself clean? Take breaks? Exercise? Haven't you looked literally through dirty windows wishing they were cleaner so you could see the landscape or whatever more clearly. It isn’t really any different with our selves and our bodies.

Feeling angry one day may lead to the tendency to see the world through the “anger” veil or window. People will seem to look back at us angrily and maybe in reality they will be angry in response to the anger that was expressed. Confusing? Not really.

Think about it.  A person in recovery needs more than ever to feed their  brain as well as their body.   Our brains are dependent upon healthy fats (wild fish, avocados, olive oil), vitamins and minerals (vegetables and fruits), protein (meat, fish, poultry, nuts, seeds), and grains to make the neurotransmitters that affect our mood (serotonin for feeling positive as an example). Eating bad food (refined sugar, refined carbs) can lead to feeling cranky, depressed, agitated, and tired afterward. 

To enhance recovery, eat for health, clean your windows, and feed a good mood for lasting recovery.  In future articles, you can look forward to learning more about how to clean your window nutritionally.  

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