Psychotherapy & Nutrition For Better Mental Health

letter "p" for psychotheraphyPsychotherapy + Nutrition = Personal Metamorphosis 

Psychotherapy is about transformation… change… a process of shifting from one way of being in the world to another, like the butterfly who experiences change through its metamorphosis from caterpillar to cocoon and eventually to a beautiful butterfly.psychotherapy

Life is about relationship. We have relationships of all kinds: with our family, friends, children, spouses/partner’s, pets, nature, food, legal/illegal substances, alcohol, and most importantly….ourselves. It’s usually the challenges in life such as a problem with a relationship/s that will bring an individual to feel the need for psychotherapy. When our relationships are suffering we can experience depression, anxiety, emotional and physical pain and our physical health may suffer as well.

Nutrition: Good Food = Good Mood, Bad Food = Bad Mood

Another idea we may explore in psychotherapy is the effects of nutrition upon your body: Good Food = Good Mood, Bad Food = Bad Mood. We may eat to comfort ourselves (or not eat), drink, or take a pill to get us up or bring us down. When we eat good food, we feel good, and feel good about ourselves and the world. Conversely, when we feel bad, we see the world through the lens of negativity and darkness. Nutrition, which feeds the mind as well as the body, greatly influences how we perceive our world.

I would like to help you have a healthier relationship with yourself and with others. I would like to be the facilitator of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly pausing briefly in the cocoon of psychotherapy and holistic nutrition education.